Quick Self-Care Tips for the Busy Mom

Being a mom (to either fur or human babies) is a daunting task that takes a toll on the time you put into yourself. Here are some quick self-care tips that I’ve found helpful to me as a busy mom.

1. Find a good sugar scrub. Mine is a gentle scrub made by Scentsy. There are so many scents to choose from. I choose Luna due to its soft scent. I try to make time to use it weekly while showering to give myself that extra bit of pampering after the kids are in bed. (Scentsy Link: https://nicolewbarnes.scentsy.us/product/search?query=Body+scrub)

2. Learn some hair hacks for quick and easy hair care and styles. I have unruly, multi textured hair that hates the southern humidity. (Hence the ponytail or bun I constantly rock.) I have found a shampoo/conditioner combo that nourishes my hair and makes it easier to manage. It’s a little more costly, but makes quick styles look so much smoother than cheaper drugstore brands.

3. Do your makeup, even if it’s basic. I don’t do the whole contouring thing, but just swiping on tinted moisturizer, blush, and mascara makes all the difference. I feel presentable and more confident when I am put together.

4. Nap! I don’t get to do this often, but I take advantage of it when I can. Sleep doesn’t come easy for me. If I can catch a few extra minutes of rest, I’m grab a blanket and doze while I can.

5. Give yourself some grace. As a mom, I tend to be hard on myself when my kids are having a bad day or if I burn dinner, etc. Nothing you do will be perfect. It doesn’t need to be. By giving yourself some grace, you are teaching your children that it’s okay to make mistakes.

I’m not really sure if these tips count as self-care, but they make me feel better about myself. Just yesterday I took a day off from housework to go to Bee City (Cottageville, SC) with my in-laws and kids. I needed that break. I needed to see my kids enjoying time away from home and just be 100% with them.

So, Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms, soon to be moms, and pet moms out there. Take time for yourself and love yourself as much as you love your family. You deserve it!

**I am an Independent Scentsy Consultant. Any purchase made from the above link will result in some compensation for me.


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