Milestones Make for Bittersweet Moments

Every parent knows the feeling of watching your child hit the milestones for their age group. They also know the tinge of sadness that follows due to their baby growing up. Milestones at any age make for bittersweet moments.

We are currently dealing with an 18-month-old who decided to jump from her crib during a teething pain related rage. Once she fell to the (carpeted) floor, she decided right then and there that the crib was the enemy. How dare it make her fall when she was in pain already?? It wasn’t her fault that she fell.

But it was…Monkey Toes McGhee over here decided to try again at 2:00 one morning. She didn’t fall this time, but got stuck trying to get her leg over the rail. Mommy to the rescue! Disclaimer of sorts: Kid #1 NEVER jumped from her crib…ever… This is where the phrase about siblings being different comes into its truth.

Fast forward to the past two nights…we have her in her toddler bed (with a rail, Karen). We have to sit on the floor by her with one hand in her stomach. This keeps her in place. Once her eyes get heavy, you can slide back to prop up on the recliner. Tonight I was even able to sit in it while she dozed off!! And once the first sounds of snores escape, then I attempt mine.

Let’s just say, my ninja skills are no longer sharp due to the pop rocks in coke sound my joints make. Once I finally made it to the door (after going back to sit by her twice), I worked up my Kim Possible stunt of tip-toeing over the laser beam that is a baby gate.


Now to move on to Pinterest and search for some Super Nanny tips and tricks. Watching my baby grow is bittersweet, but as I was told a few months ago, “Don’t be sad to watch them grow. It’s so much better than the alternative”. My babies will always be my babies, no matter their age or size. I will sit by their beds any time they need me to.


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