Which Way Is Up?

You know the feeling when you go through your day and don’t really remember how you got to where you are? Like driving on autopilot when you take the same route every day. Well, I wish I could tell you that every day of your life will be like that. Not a chance…

Now think about another scenario. You lay in bed at night and are still reeling from the demands of your day. Kids, work, school, chores, you name it. How did you keep up with everything you needed to get done? DID you keep up with it all? Most days, my answer to that is no.

We are here and we are healthy. That’s the number one priority. My kids have all that they NEED. I have all that I need. My husband, same. We can want things left and right, but we don’t need them to survive.

Even though we have all that we need, it doesn’t make us happy or content when we want more. That’s where the daily circus comes into play. We feel like we need to do and go and buy in order to make things happen. We don’t. Slow down. Life goes on whether you’re busy or resting.

I am quickly learning that keeping up with the demands of my days is wearing me thin. I have a bad habit of making everyone around me happy, but I often times forget about myself. If they are happy, then I must be also, right? Wrong.

So, take time today (and everyday) to recenter yourself. Point your body in the direction of UP. By helping others up, you just might make yourself drown. Set your compass and go the direction it tells you is the best way to go. Keep your head above water and have a great day!


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