There’s an App for That

Daily writing prompt
What gives you direction in life?

The answer to this prompt will be one other than my religion. I feel like that one is a given regardless of who (or what) you worship (or don’t). -insert shoulder shrug here-

I get my direction based on how my day starts. If I have a rough morning with kids or from lack of sleep, I take time to decompress and self-medicate with caffeine. I know that isn’t good for me, but it’s good for everyone I encounter until I’m happier.

I also get direction from some of my favorite quotes. They come from movies, books, blogs, or my students. This one always makes me smile: “________’s a doodie!” Of course, you can insert any name or object in that blank. At the time it was said, the child was making a political statement about a candidate for office… (Children repeat what they hear.)

By lunch time I’m usually taking a different direction. There’s this amazing app called Planbook that I have all of my school stuff in. Lesson plans, activities, specials, you name it. I. Love. It! I used to be the one that wrote everything down or typed it up, but this was a game changer. It’s all right there, and it’s easy enough for a sub to follow if I’m out!

At home, my Skylight Calendar is my Planbook. The kids can use it for chores, my husband can use it for the “honey-do” list, and everyone’s appointments are right there. That usually points me in the right direction at home.

Mood: gives me direction for what music I choose and how I start my evening rituals. App: Amazon Music. My music of choice helps me decide which project to tackle first. After about thirty minutes, I’m good to go and jamming out to some old school rap. (80s baby raised in the 90s.)

I’m totally sure this isn’t what was meant by the prompt, but it’s the perfect example of how my life follows the compass. My direction changes like the wind. But I do have most of my life together. And yes, there’s an app to help me with a lot of it. 🙂


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