A Week Full of Mondays

This week has been one for the books. You know, the one where you scribble in black and cry until the colors bleed. What’s it called…my brain dump journal.

My school has been administering state testing this week and I’m exhausted. (And it’s only Wednesday.) Now, I know if I’m mentally drained that my students are also. I can’t tell you how many have fallen asleep or had a meltdown after all was said and done.

As a teacher, you try to push them to do their best, but not every day is capable of manifesting that. Sometimes their best is just showing up. What do these tests really measure? Now, I’m not trying to get into the whole “why even test them” debate. I do see the reason behind them. But if they just show up, can we rely on the information and data being gathered?

What about the kids that learn and show their knowledge by doing? Or drawing? Or even telling? Bubbling in that little circle under the correct answer is the least of their concerns.

Trigger Warning: Personal Opinion Ahead!

My oldest daughter typically does amazing on state tests and assessments. However, on a regular quiz or test, she bombs it. I see her abilities, her teachers see her abilities, but they don’t show on the weekly grades. (Here lately even showing the abilities has been tough.)

Why not give these state tests closer to the third nine-weeks? Yes, they still have so much to learn. But by this point in the year, they are so burnt out and dead set on summer break that they could care less. The same argument could be made for testing earlier. I guess the big question would be when is the right time for it to be done?

I’m curious as to what your thoughts are on state testing. Keep in mind that some opinions could be from parents, professionals, and even former students. And I’d love for them to stay civil. 🙂


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