Another (School) Year Ending

Tomorrow is the first of May, and I can’t help but think of what the summer will hold. Trips, camps, sleeping in…yeah right. More like bickering, a higher grocery bill, and more dirt to sweep up.

I’m not going to complain though. Not much anyway. At least not for the first week or so.

This summer is going to look a little different for us. I plan on increasing my freelancing hours and gaining another client. My two littles will be with their beloved sitter for two days a week so I can focus. My oldest will be back and forth between camps, grandparents, and cheer.

We do plan on making more time for family things, it’s just difficult with the work schedule my husband has. Hopefully I can use this summer to also master the skill of taking three kids with me wherever I need to go while running errands. (Any tips and tricks are more than welcome!)

And I can’t forget writing. I currently have TWO works in progress! One is another adult romance/fiction and the other is…wait for it…a middle grade mystery! My plans for that one is to make it appropriate for my students to read when they are of the appropriate age. I’m focusing on the age and grade of my oldest with her name as the main character. (Current 5th grade for those who may not know.)

But I also find myself thinking about all of the kids I’ll miss out on seeing almost daily. Not just my students, but those in other classes also. I love the hugs and waves. The smiles help make my bad days better. What will they be up to? Of course, I can keep up with them on social media, but it’s not the same.

And then next school year will be different for me also. I’ll be in a new position in a different grade level. (Working with an amazing mentor and friend!)

Long story short, the future looks busy and bright. It may not look the way I had it planned a year ago, but God’s got a reason for it. I’m putting my trust in him and enjoying the days as they come. Time with my family is too short and I plan on soaking up every bit that I can.

My girls and husband. Only missing Baby T because of bedtime.

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