Life’s Tools

My husband’s volunteer fire department had their (long overdue) barbecue sale today, and the wives/kids/community help out. Well, I had all three kids there today. They handled it like rock stars!

From 2:30 pm to around 6:45 pm we stood, fixed plates, socialized, and passed around Baby T to whoever he would go to. It was a time well worth it.

Back to my title. (I rambled a bit…) I took Baby T into the office area to try to get him down for a nap, which was unsuccessful, and I noticed some tools on the wall. It got me to thinking about which would be the most important.

Like life, this depends on the situation.

Do you need the axe? What about the flashlight? Gloves?

The axe would be relevant in situations that you need to fight your way out of. Break down barriers. Bust up the obstacles.

Flashlight? Obviously for those dark times. We all have them. Sometimes the light at the end of the tunnel is so far away that we have to bring our flashlight to help us out.

Now for the gloves…those messy situations. Or the hot ones. Either way, gloves help protect you from whatever it is you need to touch and physically move out of your way.

Now for one of the most important tools on the hook…the fly swatter. Yes, the fly swatter. The nuisances that fly around and buzz unnecessarily in your ear, that’s what it’s for. Those are the negative people. Don’t let them bring you down or make you doubt your worth.

What tools do you have hanging on your wall?


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