New Journeys and Fresh Starts

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to go with your gut and step out into the world with new eyes? Of course, you have. I’m pretty sure we’ve all been there at some point. I am there now.

As you all know, I teach full-time and run after three kids. I’ve added a new one in the last eight months. 🙂 Just this past school year has brought new journeys for our family. Let me explain.

My oldest daughter found out this past summer (at 10 years old) that she has Autism. We’ve battled this for a while, but honestly never expected her to land on the spectrum. The older she gets, however, the more we see it. She’s also moved up to the middle school hall. This has been an adventure in itself. Middle school means sports. She has put herself out there quite a bit for this. Volleyball, basketball, and upcoming cheer. #sportsmom!

My middle daughter has also had a few new beginnings. She’s learning the ins and outs of being a big sister and finding her place on the soccer field. My graceful three-year-old has had a few face plants to say the least. BUT she is getting the socialization that she craves and is doing pretty well.

On to child number three…our baby boy. At eight months old, he weighs in at 20 pounds. He’s grown into a size four diaper and eighteen-month clothing. A whopper! He’s the only kid that looks like me (minus his size…). Momming with three kids is tough…

That’s where I move into my new beginnings. My therapy, as I’ve said before, is writing. I pour myself out into words, whether they be in books or short stories. I now have the opportunity to do it for other people. I am starting to dabble in freelance writing. I’m marketing myself as a Proofreader / Copywriter but have a host of other skills to offer. This is a hard area to get started in because everyone wants experience and portfolios. I have not had the chance to build either.

This is where my first gig comes in! Props to a Facebook group called The Free Mama for this one. I took a leap of faith (and advantage of the New Year pricing) and joined her program. Part of her community is people offering job opportunities to others looking to freelance. There was an opportunity for a paid internship, so I jumped on it! Ya girl landed her first client!

The point of this long, drawn out post is to say that you don’t have to be stuck in a rut. Find what you enjoy and pursue it. Whether it’s full-time, part-time, or as a hobby. If it helps your happiness, then do it! New journeys are meant for life. New beginnings are the ones that you make for yourself. Both tend to go hand in hand. So, whatever it is, wherever it is, go after it.


Book 2 will be available on Amazon in the next few days! Start with The Widow’s Heart and finish the love story with This Day Forward.


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