Sweet Success!!!

Many of you know about my writing journey. Some of you may not. It’s been a long one, but this week started with the sweet smell of success.

My novel, The Widow’s Heart, is now available on Amazon!

(Updated link in the comments.). The Widow’s Heart: Book 1 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0997QPKSF/

The e-Book will be released tomorrow, but you can preorder it today. The paperback is live and ready for ordering!

The journey of writing this book has been emotionally trying for me. I’ve stated before that writing is my therapy, and after hitting that publish button, a weight has been lifted.

My success not only comes from publishing my novel, but from putting myself out there for everyone to see (read).

Thank you all for the continued support! Book 2 is in progress and will be published when I feel it’s ready for publishing.

What’s a goal you’re working towards? And have you felt the shine of sweet success yet?


2 responses to “Sweet Success!!!”

  1. Congratulations! Please update the link to your book, it didn’t work. Remove everything after your AISN in the link and should be fine

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