I Am That Mom

As a mom, I have my struggles with my children. Power struggles, bedtime struggles, discipline struggles… Yesterday I figured out I am THAT mom. Big things happen, I remain calm. Small things, well that’s another story.

As I’ve mentioned before, my oldest has a pretty tough time with her ADHD. We’ve been back and forth with approaches, medications, and therapy. Nothing can penetrate that rock solid diagnosis.

I tend to argue and lose my cool with her over what I consider after the fact a small thing. Breakfast? Yep. Clothes? Absolutely. Homework? You bet.

Yesterday, however, we had something major (to her) happen. She dropped her tablet screen down onto the concrete. It still works, but the screen does not register touches and is not safe for swiping even if it was.

I am THAT mom who didn’t punish my child. She was distraught enough that I didn’t even need to say anything. I just told her we’d get it fixed and her punishment is being without it for a while.

So yes, I lose it over the small things, but the big things tend to roll off my back. I’m not sure why, it’s just my response to her. Some might think it should be the other way around.

I don’t think it makes me or anyone else a bad parent to tell and scream over things (big or small). It makes you human. Give yourself and your kids some grace. ❤️


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