What Services Do I Offer?

As I continue to pursue and promote myself as a Freelancer and Ghostwriter, I feel the need to go a little deeper with the services I offer. I will go through each one and explain them a little better. If there’s anything I can help you with, please let me know!!

Ghostwriting- This is basically what happens when a person has a story but not the skills or time to go through the writing process. If the work is published, the ghostwriter doesn’t get any credit or mention in the writing. A good comparison would be paying someone to write your college essays. (Which I’ve never done from either side…)

Proofreading / Editing- You write a piece and I go through to make sure it flows and is properly written. Punctuation, grammar, or spelling errors? I’m on it! Kind of like fine-tuning your work.

Articles / Guest Blogs- Tell me your content preference and I will write a piece for you. I am currently working on affirmations and positive thinking for an app developer. I have done parenting and self-care guest posts also. I enjoy these because it gets my name out to a larger following.

On top of these services, I am currently working on my own things. I have a novel in progress and have entered a few short story contests. I was actually a finalist in one for microfiction! I have dabbled in different genres: romance, horror, crime, suspense…I am looking to work on more fiction and eventually move into non-fiction.

Rates for these vary according to project and agreement with the client. I am open to inquiries and questions. I am based in the US, but am not opposed to working with international clients.

To wrap this up, I like dipping my pen into different areas of content. I enjoy reading the work of others and helping them polish it. Words are my therapy. I’d love to help you create your story or proofread your completed work!


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