Put Yourself Out There!

Just a small update from the last week or so…

I haven’t done much writing on my novel in a few days, but have been writing for other projects. I have entered the NYC Midnight Short Story Challenge! I’ve only just finished my first round story, but I loved every minute of it.

I was challenged with a genre that I have never written in before: Horror. I was also given a character and a setting, so all I had to do was write based on those three things. I bounced ideas off my husband and he did the same. I settled on one of his and got to work!

I didn’t think it would be too challenging, but I was wrong. It made me think outside of my box. It made me write content that I never thought I would. It made me venture into territory that I’m not comfortable writing. I am so happy with how that story turned out. A little less than a week and 2,500 words later, I submitted it.

Now, judging won’t be for a while, but I’m still on the edge of my seat just waiting on the feedback. That’s the part I’m excited about the most. I would LOVE to win this competition, but with over 6,000 other writers entered, I’ll be completely satisfied with making it to round two.

If this was a few months ago, I never would have signed up. I was not comfortable with people knowing what I was working on. I didn’t want people to judge me for my “crazy dream” of being an author. But here I am, putting myself out there and loving the feeling of people knowing that I’m pursuing my dream.

My girls are watching me. I don’t want them to see me fail by just giving up. I have put out into our beautiful universe that I’m writing again. Making others aware has made me more accountable for my work. It’s invigorating!

In what ways have you stepped out of your comfort zone? What goals are you achieving?


One response to “Put Yourself Out There!”

  1. Working on my 1st PB dummy. Trying to build the tough skin to take in the negative to use for good. Preparing for many many many new revisions♡ Definitely not in my comfort zone for any of these.


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