Hot Mess Mom

That term is used in a lot of different ways. Hot Mess Moms range from a strategic messy bun and leggings to bed head and gym shorts. I fell somewhere in the middle of those two this morning.

I start my weekday between 5:40-5:50 am Monday through Friday (and sometimes Saturday depending on my husband’s work schedule or the kids). It started out like any other Thursday morning: slide out of bed, fix my cup of coffee, give Kid #1 her meds, wake the hubby, and so on…By about 6:15 the “poop” hit the roof.

Kid #1 was up and slowly getting motivated to get dressed (10 minutes later than I’d like). The cat was in her room and sniffing around her Barbie house. This was a big no-no this morning. Kid #1 picked up the cat and went to put her out into the hallway. The bad part: our dog was outside the bedroom door making her morning rounds.

Cue screams of near fatal injury!! No, but seriously, the kid ended up with a nasty scratch across her knee from the cat and a few on her left hand. (Writing hand was safe!) I coax her into the bathroom to clean it up and somehow made it worse.

Note to self: cold rags on cuts aren’t good for her. Panic from pain and blood set in and more screams took place. By this time it’s 6:40, my hubby left for work, neither of us are ready to go, and my mother-in-law just pulled up to watch Kid #2.

My options at this point were to give in and just bandage it up or ring in Round 3 of the lightweight championship. I waved the white flag and proved that “out of sight, out of mind” is more than just for toys and stuff. Covered scratch means pain is gone. Now to find a proper school uniform that doesn’t bunch the bandage and fix lunchboxes all while changing the baby, walking the dog, and keeping it together.

That last part I managed pretty easily…until I realized my work stuff was still scattered on the table and no one has had breakfast yet. Defeat! I threw muffins in a lunch bag with sandwiches and jello and grabbed my coffee to go. Five minutes late, but still making it. Did I mention that I forgot to let the dog out? Thank God for my in-laws!

I’m driving the speed limit(ish) to school/work and get behind every driver that wants to drive five under the posted speed. I don’t get a chance to pass, so this adds another five minutes to what I was already running behind. By this time I’ve scrubbed most of my makeup off in frustration and my hair is pulled back before my day at work even begins.

Needless to say, I was late to work and hungry with cold coffee and not at all put together. The plus side to all of this: I teach and my coworkers get it, I wear a mask and cover the flustered cheeks, my hair is already out of my face, and my students were strangely calm this morning.

I 100% qualified for that Hot Mess Mom title today. Was it the worst it could have been? No. Do I want to try to handle worse? Also no. Am I grateful for every minute I was gifted today, even the tough ones? Absolutely!!

What about you? Tell me your Hot Mess Mom (or Dad) stories. Make me feel better about my struggle. 😆


5 responses to “Hot Mess Mom”

  1. I haven’t looked human since 2017 I feel. My daughter has SPD and my main concern is getting her finally calm n out the door. Lots of vitamins and clothing melt downs shoe issues. You name it she feels it! That translates to hot mess mom on the daily! Hey, at least I make it to work mostly on time and for that I am grateful.


    1. I can’t imagine that struggle. If you don’t mind me asking, do you have any tricks or tips that have helped make it easier? Looking for that small positive is always a good thing! 🙂


      1. It’s a learning process for sure. With the help of a friend, I found a Homeopathic Chiropractor who is amazing. She helped us bring 45min breakdowns in the bathroom because she felt “pee pee drips” and was still “wet” and wiping herself raw, to finally being in there for about 10 – 15min wiping with little to no breakdowns. The chiropractic manipulations and vitamins helped fill some nutritional gaps and fully empty the bladder and gave us a drastic decrease in most sensory symptoms. Then, duting quarantine, her symptoms came back with vengeance. We found an online Occupational Therapist because she began inflicting self pain into the equation. She said she didn’t want to feel so different. Being only 5, as soon as they reopened, they got us in and we began on site play therapy to flood the sensory system plus a combo of dry brushing (just what it sounds like, brushing her skin with a soft brush) and joint compressions (just jumping 10 times in place and then pushing a wall 10 times) This along with massage (when she let’s me) helped to somewhat get her back on track. All of these things have to be done multiple times a day. If I get lazy and don’t keep up with it, my daughter suffers the consequences. So, between my husband and I we realized we need to share the weight. He prepares some of the vitamins she needs (a lot need crushed up and put in different things because she can’t swallow big pills yet) and I do the OT. We hope to get back to the Chiropractor as soon as she opens back up. It’s a constant learning curve and each day has new challenges and some days just suck. She is one tough cookie and I love seeing the accomplishments she makes that are everyday simple tasks for most. Gives life a whole new outlook that’s for sure.


      2. It’s great that y’all have found those resources and utilize them. Sharing the weight of her care is a big help, I’m sure. Sending good vibes and prayers your way for your family. With a child with special needs, it stresses more than just the parenting aspect of life. ❤️


      3. Thank you. I send the same to you♡


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