Leaving 2020 With Peace

Going into the new year, I’ve always stressed over the things to come. Taxes that are due quickly after the start of the year, back to school plans, laundry…always laundry. This year I feel like I need to leave 2020 with peace and not stress over what’s to come.

The past few weeks have left me feeling accomplished, yet eerily calm. I was able to complete report cards and first week back plans before break started. I went into Christmas break with a clear mind knowing I wouldn’t have to work it all away.

Somehow I’ve stuck to that and haven’t touched my work bag since December 18th. This feels so strange to me as I’m constantly planning and replanning as I go. If you ask my husband, he’ll tell you my motto for the past few weeks has been “It’s fine…It’ll all be ok”. He’s probably wondering what happened to his control freak of a wife. (Or loving every moment until that personality returns.)

This year break has been very relaxing. I’ve enjoyed moments with family, made big leaps with some even bigger issues for me, and actually rested during vacation. I haven’t written much, but ideas are constantly floating through my mind. I can’t remember the last time I’ve enjoyed time off this much.

I said it in the title and I’ll say it again now. I am leaving 2020 behind with peace. Peace of mind, peace in my heart, and at peace with old wounds. I am looking forward to all that 2021 has to offer me and my little family. Happy New Year to you all!!!


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