Christmas Gifts From A Child’s Eyes

Earlier tonight I was browsing Amazon after I put the baby to bed. I have only a few people left in my Christmas list to buy for and I refuse to be a last minute shopper this year… Well, I hope to not be anyway.

My oldest still had some time before bed, so she chose to come sit and shop with me. Normally this turns into searching for dolls and Pokémon cards, but tonight was different.

We buy for her bio dad’s family every year just like the rest of our families. We make sure she spends holiday time with them and goes to as many family gatherings as possible. It just so happened that the people left on my list were her grandfather and aunts, so I asked for her input. (I already have her grandmother covered.)

“Poppy likes green and needs a neck pillow for his truck. He needs to relax while he drives.” We compromised and she settled on a green neck pillow for his recliner and a green coffee mug for work. He gets to relax at home and stay awake while driving.

“I want to get Aunt K a locket. A heart one with a picture of me in it.” Easy enough. Now I just had to help her choose one that wasn’t an urn for deceased loved ones. (I never realized how many different ones there were for that purpose.) She finally picked a pretty silver one with a cross engraved on it. The picture inside has yet to be chosen.

“I think Aunt K #2 needs a cup. She likes cups but Aunt K is my favorite.” …..Good to know, but not exactly fair or nice. We browsed for a bit longer before she picked a floating locket that she can customize. Then we had to get her dog a gift. Check that one off the list also!

We tackle the uncles tomorrow. That should be interesting. Maybe they will end up with sock warmers or ear muffs. The kid has strange logic, but has chosen decent gifts so far.

As an adult shopping for other adults, I tend to gravitate towards useful gifts for the home. She completely changed that perspective tonight by pointing out their favorites and making them personal and enjoyable. I mean, who wouldn’t choose a neck pillow over a new screwdriver set??

Taking notes from my kid, don’t focus so much on how useful a gift can be. Choose one they can enjoy for years to come, even if they don’t last forever. Her thought process makes these gifts so much more meaningful.


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