Silent But Writing

I just realized that I did not post on here yesterday. And it may not happen every day due to family, my full-time job, life…but I am going to try to do my best at posting as much as possible.

The title popped into my mind after the realization because I was silent here but working on another project. You see, this novel I’ve been working on has been a struggle past a certain point. Not because I don’t think it’s quality work, but because I can’t make it as vivid in words as I do in my mind.

I am in love with the first few chapters. They probably won’t get touched again at this point. The raw emotion is perfectly worded. You can feel the character’s sadness as you read. It’s just…my absolute best (in my opinion). After chapter three there’s a big change due to time frame. That’s where my words can’t seem to match my thoughts.

So I decided to take a break from it and work on another project I’ve thought about for a month or so. This one seemed to come more easily and just flooded onto the page. It’s…(drumroll please)…a children’s book!

My target age group is four to six, younger with a parent reading of course. It’s a picture book written in a conversational style between a mom and son. It is a Christmas story about Santa…and that’s where I’m going to stop. 🙂 It’s not ready yet, and I don’t want to give too much away. Of course, this close to the holidays, I am planning for it to be released late next year. Stay tuned!

My point of this whole post was to say that I’m not giving up on blogging already. I’m still here, just working on other things. To my fellow bloggers, any tips for a newbie who has motivation but not enough hours in the day? ‘Til next time!!


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