The sky is bright blue on this amazing, sunny day. The fluffy white clouds streak the blue like the white foam floats across the ocean. The evening is just starting to set in. The brilliant blue fades to almost white and the clouds start to get a tinge of pink as the sun begins its slow descent behind the horizon. You close your eyes and slowly breathe in the freshness of the crisp fall air. You then open your eyes only to see bursts of pink and purple with hints of the orange light that has yet to fade away. The splendor of the sky makes you stare in awe. You’re almost afraid to blink with fear of missing that last little moment of sunset. The pinks and purples get brighter as the sun continues to disappear. The last bit of it fades in mere seconds, only to give way to twilight. The sky turns to a deep blue with specks of stars appearing only a few at a time. You close your eyes once more to savor the stillness of the moment. You open them again, just a bit slower this time. The night sky has exploded with twinkles of glitter on a palette of black. There it is…my favorite time of day.

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