Allow me to introduce myself…

I am SO excited to be here, writing to you all and sharing the many things that go through my mind. My content will vary from fiction, my personal experiences, non-fiction, and maybe even some short stories. I am venturing out into the amazing world of Freelancing and Ghostwriting, so please bear with me as I begin this journey. As for my home life, I currently teach second grade and have two degrees in Child Development and Early Childhood Education. My husband is a fill-time firefighter and works crazy hours, but loves his job just as much as I love writing. We have two amazing daughters, one of which my husband raises as his own due to some tough circumstances that I plan to share with you later. We also have a pet friendly home with a cat named Lucy and, of course, a Dalmatian named Siren. We live in a small farming community with tractors and fields down every road. We used to be a one light town, but we have now expanded to five. I look forward to sharing with you all and (hopefully) gaining you as a consistent reader and subscriber. If there is anything you’d like to read about that I may be able to produce, drop me a line! I’d love the opportunity to write for you and help you in any way that I can.


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